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Custom Orthotics


Footmaxx produces and globally markets high quality, state-of-the-art orthopaedic devices and products. Footmaxx's diagnostic systems and proprietary software provides detailed information, which enables Dr. Shapiro to further evaluate  patients for certain balance, knee, hip, lower back, and biomechanical problems.

Clinicians such as orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Specialists, Physiatrists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Orthotists, Pedorthists, as well as Rehabilitation, Geriatric and Diabetes Centers of excellence use Footmaxx's products to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of patient problems. Footmaxx's proprietary diagnostics can uncover, confirm and track the progress or treatment regimes of many conditions. Footmaxx devices and products are typically recommended by clinicians to improve function and correct injuries.

The Footmaxx Company opened for business in October 1994. The company maintains direct sales, manufacturing and distribution capability in the United States and Canada and works with distribution partners and clinicians internationally.


Why Custom Orthotics?

Footmaxx custom-made orthotics are different from

over-the-counter orthotics. They are specifically designed

for your feet. Yes - your feet.

Once your doctor scans or obtains a cast of your feet,

he or she then will prescribe the ideal pair of orthotics

for your individual needs.

Footmaxx orthotics are designed to provide maximum

foot control by using four layers (top cover, cushioning,

module and bottom cover) to create the optimal

orthotic. They offer excellent motion control without

added bulk or discomfort.

Specialty Orthotics

If you are suffering from diabetes or arthritis, our line

of specialty orthotics is best suited to your needs.

Assessment is the first step, and custom orthotics

can assist in creating comfort and correction for

sensitive feet.

Our specialty orthotics are designed to reduce the

peak pressure areas on the foot and ease the pain of

ulcerations or joint and tissue damage.

Athletic Orthotics

You don't have to be a professional athlete to reap the

rewards of better balance, stability and foot control

when you're engaged in your favorite sporting activity,

whether it's running, golfing or skiing.

Footmaxx has the orthotics you need to enhance

performance while protecting against injuries. Each

orthotic offers unique features specifically designed for

each sport, such as long-lasting shape and supportive

qualities for runners or multi-directional support for

court sports.

Dress Orthotics

High heels and narrow dress shoes can wreak havoc on

your feet, especially when you wear them day-in and

day-out to the office. Our line of men's and women's

dress orthotics is specifically designed with maximum

control and comfort.

Premium Orthotics

The MaxxLifeorthotic is ideal for daily wear because it

bundles comfort and stability with versatility and style,

making it the premium choice for all of your shoes.

This top-of-the line orthotic is constructed with the

highest-quality, genuine leather top cover and a fulllength

suede bottom.

Footmaxx custom orthotics are

specifically designed for your feet.