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Nutritional counselling

Nutritional Health Consultation

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that a healthy lifestyle is imperative. Whether you are trying to lose some extra quarantine pounds that accumulated over the months, clean up your diet to manage the weight you're currently at, or simply tone up , we have a solution for you at Shapiro Family Chiropractic!

What's this solution?
Proper nutrition is a vital component to ensure a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. During our nutritional health consultation session, you will be educated on the foundational components of good nutrition, and be given a clear road map to improving your nutrition and overall health.  In order to maximize your success, the one-on-one counseling sessions will help provide you with the tools necessary to tackle the previous dietary challenges you've faced and develop a personalized nutrition guideline to help you achieve your specific health goals. This combination will  reinforce new eating habits and ultimately kickstart your journey to a new, healthier quality of life!


Who will be leading the session?
Under the supervision of Dr. Shapiro, intern and student doctor of chiropractic Taylor Graham will walk patients through this nutritional process and help provide solutions to better support the patient’s health and wellness goals.

Taylor has always had a passion for helping others through their wellness journey and has spent the majority of his professional career developing solutions for people. Taylor will help create a personalized program to help you achieve your overall fitness, health, weight-management and/or nutritional goals.

 After graduating from the University of West Georgia, he worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and nutrition coach for 5 years. During this time he also competed in regional Cross Fit competitions and learned how important proper nutrition was for optimal performance as an athlete.  Taylor is currently in the final trimester/ clinical phase of the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Logan University.  While in school at Logan, he spent extensive time learning about the biomechanics, neurodynamics and metabolic components that the human body demands to function optimally. With this knowledge, along with his extensive past experiences, he plans to serve the people of Hendersonville's specific health needs. 

What does a consultation include & cost?
This life changing service is normally 200, which includes the initial consultation, an extensive food log review, a personalize daily nutrition guideline AND a 4 week follow up (which can be covered in person, over the phone or via zoom).  

For the month of January, you will receive 25% off the Nutritional Health Consultation if you mention the discount "New You Resolution!" 

Please contact us for more information about this exciting new service at Shapiro Family Chiropractic!


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