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Personal Injury

Shapiro Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center Offers Chiropractic Care to Help You Heal after an Accident

Shapiro Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center serves the residents of Hendersonville, Gallatin, and the surrounding areas with comprehensive care that includes injury treatment and spinal decompression. If you have been recovering from a personal injury, a car accident, a sports injury, or if you feel neck, shoulder, or back pain without a known cause, we can help. You don’t have to try to regain your health and wellness alone after an injury, we have been there, and we help patients every single day to improve their condition and safely recover from injury. 


If You Have Suffered from a Personal Injury Do Not Delay Chiropractic Treatment

When you have a traumatic injury it is common to want to hide away for a bit, to rest and recover from the event. We urge you to rest, but also to schedule an appointment with a skilled chiropractor who is experienced in treating injuries as soon as possible. A sudden traumatic jolt or jerk on your joints and backbones can have lasting effects that become more obvious over time. Fast assessment and treatment from a spine specialist can reduce your healing time and increase your chances of fully recovering.

Chiropractic Treatment Early on Has Both Health and Practical Benefits

There is more than one reason to pursue medical care at your local chiropractor for treatment after your injury. The first and most urgent reason is to make sure that you do not exacerbate your injury any further, and so we can start you on the path to proper recovery. You may want to just rest and then get back out there as soon as possible, but if your injury heals wrong you can have a lifetime of pain and even need invasive measures to fix it down the road. 

Another reason to start care sooner rather than later is when it comes to personal injury, a paper trail showing that your injury needed medical attention from the start will increase your chances of having your insurance or your employer's insurance cover the cost of your claim. If you are hurt, come for medical care. The reasons to seek care are many and ignoring your pain can just lead to more hassle and pain down the road. 

Contact Us after Your Personal Injury to Get Back on Track to Health and Wellness

Shapiro Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center is here for you as you navigate your path to wellness after an injury. We treat patients from Hendersonville, Gallatin, and the surrounding areas with the best in chiropractic treatment. Call today, (615) 822-5522.